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The New York Times, by Susan Hodara
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Sporting Witness: Jim Thorpe - American Indian Legend
American Public Media's MARKETPLACE 5/30/2005
The definitive biography of American Indian Jim Thorpe (1887-1953), arguably the greatest all-around athlete the United States has ever seen. Knopf Oct. 26, 2010.
"A splendid biography."-- Molly Haskell, NY Times, Editors' Choice. A Best Book of 2000: NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, SF Chronicle, and others. Da Capo paperback, 2001, NYTimes Editors' Choice. U.K. hardcover and paperback edition: Aurum Press; additional Aurum paperback edition, 2008.
Selected & Miscellaneous Articles by me
"History Now," online quarterly journal of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, Issue 21, March 2010.

Selected Works

"Farewell, my biography!"
Marmaduke Writing Factory - Blog Post 2-20-2013

Washington, D.C. bus stop, 2010.

"A History of Dealing With Football's Dangers" The New York Times, Nov. 20, 2010
"... Thorpe himself was oblivious to injury, once asking the sportswriter Grantland Rice, “How could anybody get hurt playing football?”

"Up for Auction, Thorpe’s Letters Make the Past Come Alive" May 30, 2007
"Jim Thorpe’s life after his peak as an Olympic champion and amateur and professional football player until his exit from sports in 1928 has hardly been examined by mainstream historians. But a glimpse of his story and sports performances can be found in private correspondence recently released by his family..."

"Writers Create a Haven Away From Home" Jan. 7, 2011
"THE concept for establishing a collaborative enclave for writers is not new, but Marmaduke Writing Factory, a recently formed collective of professional writers [in Pleasantville, NY], has expanded that idea to include interaction with the general public..."

BBC World Service - Sept. 10, 2011
"The incredible story of Jim Thorpe, Native American athlete and star of the 1912 Olympics. Richard Fleming tells Jim Thorpe's incredible story, with contributions from his biographer, Kate Buford.

Native American Son: The Life and Sporting Legend of Jim Thorpe (Knopf , Oct. 2010)
The first comprehensive biography of the legendary figure who redefined American sports.

With clarity and a fine eye for detail, Kate Buford traces the defining moments of Jim Thorpe’s incomparable career: leading the Carlisle Indian Industrial School football team to victories against the country’s finest college teams, coached by the renowned “Pop” Warner; winning gold medals in the pentathlon and decathlon at the 1912 Olympics; defining the burgeoning sport of professional football; and playing long, often successful—and previously unexamined— years in professional baseball.

At the same time, Buford vividly depicts the difficulties Thorpe faced as a Native American, and a Native American celebrity at that, at the beginning of the twentieth century: from the infamous loss of his Olympic medals—stripped from him because he had previously played professional baseball—to his struggles with alcoholism and personal misfortune, his advocacy for Native American rights while he chased a Hollywood career, and his distrust of the many hands extended to him.

Here is the story—long overdue and brilliantly told—of a complex, iconoclastic, profoundly talented man whose life encompassed both tragic limitations and truly extraordinary achievements.

Burt Lancaster: An American Life (Knopf, 2000; Da Capo Press paperback, 2001; Aurum Press, U.K. 2000; paperback 2001 and 2008); 2013 Knopf ebook edition.
"Startlingly handsome, witty, loyal, charming, unnerving, and intensely sexual, Burt Lancaster was one of Hollywood's last bigger-than-life stars. A profoundly private man, he authorized no biographies in his lifetime. Kate Buford, the first writer to win the cooperation of Lancaster's widow and close friends, has created what will stand as the definitive study of one of the great unexplored show-business lives." http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/images/0679446036/ref=dp_image_0?ie=UTF8&n=283155&s=books

THE KILLERS 1946, with Ava Gardner: Lancaster's first movie that made him a star overnight.

"Amateurism and Jim Thorpe at the Fifth Olympiad" HISTORY NOW, Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, March 2010
"Thorpe’s deception and subsequent confession deals amateur sport in America the hardest blow it has ever had to take and disarranges the scheme of amateur athletics the world over.”
The New York Times, January 28, 1913.

A Remembrance of Stanley Kramer, The Charlie Rose Show, 2001
A Remembrance of Stanley Kramer, with Kate Buford, Richard Corliss and Abby Mann.

"Freddie Goodhart: A Thread in the History of Bluegrass," Feb. 2010
"Walk into Freddie Goodhart's Second Hand Shop in downtown Lexington, Virginia, and you'll always find items floor-to-ceiling for sale, a couple of Rockbridge County bluegrass musicians listening to vinyl LPs on an old record player, and proprietor Goodhart, a mandolin and banjo player and bluegrass fan since the 1940s. If you assume the man -- lean, youthful-looking, seventy-something -- is just another local good old boy, you would be wrong . . ."

"Mani-pedi" MARKETPLACE RADIO, 2005.
"Word has it that one of the most relaxing ways to spend time off is to get a mani-pedi. That's shorthand for a manicure-pedicure combo. Commentator and wordsmith Kate Buford seems to get more out of the experience than most. Or maybe not..."

Renee Montagne profiles Kate Buford, NPR MORNING EDITION, 2000
"NPR's Renee Montagne profiles Kate Buford, author of the new biography Burt Lancaster: An American Life. Buford's book suggests there was much more to the famous actor than his tough man persona."

"Lighting Up for the Holidays" NPR MORNING EDITION, 1997
"Commentator Kate Buford takes on the annual dilemma of deciding how to light up the holidays." A favorite piece that people -- including editors -- still refer to & ask me to update.

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