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Selected Works

Native American Son: The LIfe and Sporting Legend of Jim Thorpe (Knopf , Oct. 2010; paperback U. of Nebraska Press 2012))

The first and definitive biography of the world's first athletic super-star, the Native American athlete who defined excellence in football, track and field and baseball when organized sports was in its infancy. After his sports career was over, he headed to Hollywood, where he appeared in over 70 movies -- a chapter of his life that has never before been examined. A true American folk hero who lived a tumultuous life, Thorpe looms large in the memories of sports lovers around the world. Winner of the SABR Lawrence Ritter Award, the PFRA Nelson Ross Award, and was a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award.

Burt Lancaster: An American Life (Knopf, 2000; Da Capo Press paperback, 2001; Aurum Press, U.K. 2000; paperback 2001 and 2008); 2013 Knopf ebook edition.

"Startlingly handsome, witty, loyal, charming, unnerving, and intensely sexual, Burt Lancaster was one of Hollywood's last bigger-than-life stars. A profoundly private man, he authorized no biographies in his lifetime. Kate Buford, the first writer to win the cooperation of Lancaster's widow and close friends, has created what will stand as the definitive study of one of the great unexplored show-business lives."

THE KILLERS 1946, with Ava Gardner: Lancaster's first movie that made him a star overnight.